Meaning of zeaxanthin in English:


Pronunciation /ziːəˈzanθɪn/


  • A deep yellow carotenoid pigment present in the retina of the eye and in some plants, used as a food additive and supplement.

    ‘The recombinant protein was assayed for cleavage activity towards zeaxanthin.’
    • ‘The blue light response of guard cells is mediated by the chloroplastic carotenoid, zeaxanthin.’
    • ‘The first major breakthrough in understanding the molecular genetics of ABA biosynthesis involved the cloning of zeaxanthin epoxidase.’
    • ‘Obviously, in their case, zeaxanthin cannot be an important factor in energy dissipation.’
    • ‘During this interaction, energy is dissipated via a charge exchange mechanism in which the zeaxanthin gives up an electron to the chlorophyll.’


1920s via German from modern Latin zea ‘maize’ + xanthin, a yellow colouring in some plants.