Meaning of zebra finch in English:

zebra finch


  • A small Australian waxbill with black and white stripes on the face, popular as a cage bird.

    Poephila guttata, family Estrildidae

    ‘The male zebra finch's brightly colored beak helps attract mates.’
    • ‘House sparrow and zebra finch are members of Passeri.’
    • ‘If you're a male zebra finch, you might dream of wooing a female finch.’
    • ‘As soon as I saw it I thought it was a zebra finch.’
    • ‘In the wild, the zebra finch is a communal bird, living in flocks of up to 100 members.’
    • ‘Normally, the young zebra finch nursery resounds with ever-new, imperfect variations of the adult songs.’
    • ‘I'm just disappointed to see female mallards and zebra finches falling for something this obvious.’
    • ‘Young indigo buntings and zebra finches require social interactions to acquire songs.’
    • ‘Burley discovered that female zebra finches preferred males with black leg bands to males with ‘unattractive’ blue leg bands.’
    • ‘Female zebra finches, Taenopygia guttata, actively solicited and performed extra-pair copulations with more attractive males having higher song rates.’
    • ‘Others, like zebra finches, find it impossible to imitate a new song after their puberty-like phase in life.’