Meaning of zebra plant in English:

zebra plant


  • A Brazilian calathea with leaves which are horizontally banded in light and dark green and purple.

    Calathea zebrina, family Marantaceae

    ‘Fertilize your zebra plant every month with a half-strength solution of an all-purpose soluble fertilizer.’
    • ‘It is very similar to a calathea or a zebra plant, but it doesn't have the purple underside.’
    • ‘These natives of the American tropics are commonly called zebra plants due to the characteristic striped foliage.’
    • ‘I moved my zebra plant to the bathroom where it's more moist but it still has brown edges and then drops leaves.’
    • ‘Those that have allowed their zebra plants to wilt a time or two knows the results.’
    • ‘Someone gave Joshua a zebra plant with some lucky Chinese coins in it.’