Meaning of zebra spider in English:

zebra spider


  • A small European jumping spider with black and white stripes.

    Salticus scenicus, family Salticidae

    ‘The zebra spider is a common garden resident - often seen running and jumping across vertical walls.’
    • ‘The special behaviors of jumping spiders, house spiders, garden spiders, and zebra spiders are also examined.’
    • ‘One of our cats tried to eat a zebra spider and the little blighter bit the cats tongue.’
    • ‘Wolf spiders, like the zebra spider, do not spin webs, rather, they pounce on their prey.’
    • ‘Aptly named, with its black and white marking, the zebra spider occurs in houses as well as outside in gardens and other habitats.’
    • ‘It will then try to mate with a female zebra spider.’
    • ‘They look flimsy but I've seen even very small specimens luring several stocky zebra spiders to their doom in their webs.’