Meaning of zedoary in English:



  • 1An Indian plant related to turmeric, with an aromatic rhizome.

    Curcuma zedoaria, family Zingiberaceae

    • ‘A paste of a little zedoary and cream makes a good face mask and keeps the skin clear and shining.’
    • ‘Turmeric helps you drink more, zedoary fixes up the hangover, and the turtle stuff adds vigor to your body.’
    • ‘The medicinal part of zedoary is its rhizome, a fleshy stem that grows underground.’
    • ‘Chinese research has proven zedoary's use in reducing cervical cancer and increasing the cancer-killing effects during radiotherapy and chemotherapy.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A substance made from the rhizome of the zedoary plant, used in medicine, perfumery, and dyeing.
      ‘The rhizomes of zedoary are rich in starch, which is extracted from them in India as shoti starch.’


Old English from medieval Latin zedoarium, from Persian zadwār.