Meaning of Zener in English:


Pronunciation /ˈziːnə/


(also Zener diode)
  • A form of semiconductor diode in which at a critical reverse voltage a large reverse current can flow.

    ‘When a MOS channel is formed by forward biasing the gate, a Zener tunnel current evolves with a steep turn-on characteristic.’
    • ‘It gets its juice from a Zener diode that conducts in the reverse direction when it reaches its breakdown voltage of 5.1 volts.’
    • ‘The experimenter had not brought with him the ‘translations’ of the numeric codes into the different Zener symbols.’
    • ‘Horowitz designed an electric circuit in which appropriate resistors replaced the springs and devices known as Zener diodes replaced the strings.’


1940s named after Clarence M. Zener (1905–93), American physicist.