Meaning of Zener cards in English:

Zener cards

Pronunciation /ˈziːnə/

plural noun

  • A set of 25 cards each with one of five different symbols, used in ESP research.

    ‘Twenty-one of the 1980s textbooks discussed Rhine's Zener card research.’
    • ‘On a typical Zener card test, a participant may call a circle only because he or she hasn't called it for a while.’
    • ‘Authors during the 1980s focused on Rhine's Zener card research.’
    • ‘A deck of Zener cards consists of five of each symbol.’
    • ‘Twelve participants were asked to guess the top-down sequence of symbols in an open deck of 100 Zener cards.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, Zener cards were largely replaced by testing techniques using random-number generators, and others using more complex and meaningful targets such as paintings and photographs.’
    • ‘He was leaving out the scores of those he believed were guessing their Zener cards wrong on purpose.’


1930s named after Karl E. Zener (1903–61), American psychologist.