Meaning of zero-carbon in English:


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  • Causing or resulting in no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

    ‘zero-carbon homes’
    • ‘The house-building industry has shown great commitment to zero-carbon homes.’
    • ‘We need to get a proper grip on the process of moving towards zero-carbon homes.’
    • ‘The Government want all new homes to be 'zero-carbon' by 2016.’
    • ‘By 2016, she asserted, all new homes in the UK would have to be zero-carbon, including the appliances within the house.’
    • ‘Both projects would do exactly what the city proclaims it wants, helping to produce zero-carbon energy.’
    • ‘The Government's Code for Sustainable Homes gives a star rating to new homes, with a maximum of six stars indicating "zero-carbon" design.’
    • ‘The homes will be exempt from stamp duty because they will be built, apparently, to zero-carbon standards.’
    • ‘We hope the finished building is as near to zero-carbon as possible.’
    • ‘It must also be acknowledged that the zero-carbon target, as already indicated, cannot be achieved by the house-building industry on its own.’
    • ‘He told of how some countries have started constructing zero-carbon buildings, and warned of the dangers of deforestation, industrial emissions, soil carbon and more.’
    • ‘Jones added: "Cycling is a cheap, zero-carbon method of travel."’
    • ‘The Government's recent zero-carbon target for new homes is important but it does nothing to address the far bigger problem of the existing housing stock.’
    • ‘Zero-carbon fuels would also help reduce emissions.’
    • ‘Efforts to reduce the 'ecological footprint', whether by protecting the green belt, building zero-carbon homes or bolting solar panels and wind turbines on to houses, are real enough, but this is only a small part of the sustainability agenda.’