Meaning of zero-graze in English:



[with object]
  • Feed (cattle) with cut grass brought to them instead of putting them out to pasture.

    ‘dairy farmers who zero-graze their cattle’
    • ‘more and more farms have gone over to zero-grazing’
    • ‘In programmes to regenerate lands, the policy of ‘zero-grazing’ or a complete ban on grazing coupled with a complete ban on goats has regrettably become the pre-dominant formula of ‘success‘.’
    • ‘Dozens of dairy cows are being locked away without sunlight for a year under cruel zero-grazing techniques.’
    • ‘Cows will be zero-grazed in light, airy sheds to protect the health of the animal, prevent environmental degradation from grazing and allow for collection of manure and urine.’
    • ‘Large, zero-grazed herds in feedlots are likely to encounter more hygiene problems than conventionally housed herds.’
    • ‘Farmers accepted the ‘zero-grazing’ approach but only after adapting it to their own situation.’
    • ‘In catchment areas, households plant trees on individual plots and cut firewood and harvest grass for their zero-grazed cows.’
    • ‘The fodder is brought to the animal in the zero-grazing unit.’
    • ‘Conversion to zero-grazing would represent a complete and expensive systemic change for the Irish farmer.’
    • ‘Small scale farmers that keep zero-grazed pigs or dairy cows are good candidates for installing household biogas units.’
    • ‘All the goats are zero-grazed.’