Meaning of zero-hours in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a contract of employment that does not include a guarantee of regular work for the employee, who is paid only for the hours they actually work.

    ‘their survey suggested that one million people are employed on low-security zero-hours contracts’
    • ‘the Institute is hiring more zero-hours workers’
    • ‘Insecurity increased, both for the individual put on short-term or even zero-hours contracts, and globally.’
    • ‘"Our members will be on strike for a basic weekly wage, equal contracts with equal pay for all employees, no zero-hours contracts and full rostered earnings for victims of assaults at work."’
    • ‘Three-quarters of its pilots are reported to be on zero-hours contracts and must pay for all their expenses, including uniforms, identity cards, transport and hotel accommodation.’
    • ‘One in five employed at least one person on a zero-hours contract.’
    • ‘Some part-time workers welcome zero-hours contracts, which offer no guarantee of a regular income but allow them the flexibility they want.’
    • ‘These are not zero-hours deals although there are not hours set out on the contracts.’
    • ‘Our research reveals a growing prevalence of precarious working conditions, zero-hours and temporary contracts, underemployment, and very low wages.’
    • ‘Based on a sample of 148 zero-hours workers, the body said just over half reported that the jobs always provided sufficient work for a basic standard of living.’
    • ‘A toxic combination of part-time, minimum wage, zero-hours working is spreading across the country.’
    • ‘Are they high-quality, long-term, well-paid careers, or are they part-time, zero-hours, throwaway fillers?’