Significado de zero-rated en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˌzɪrəʊˈreɪtɪd/

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Britanico Finanzas
  • Denoting goods or services that are taxable for VAT, but with a tax rate of zero.

    ‘It has no VAT repayment claim as the goods were zero-rated on import.’
    • ‘Taxable supplies mean the value of all taxable supplies including zero-rated supplies.’
    • ‘Supplies made by these organisations will be zero-rated.’
    • ‘The farmers wanted inputs such as fertiliser, chemicals, stockfeeds, grain bags, and other inputs to be zero-rated.’
    • ‘The government may impose standard rate of sales tax on domestic zero-rated items instead of introducing a lower sales tax rate of 2–3 percent.’