Meaning of zhuzh in English:


(also zhush, zhoosh)

Pronunciation /ʒʊʒ/ /ʒʊʃ/


[with object]informal usually zhuzh something up
  • Make something more exciting, lively, or attractive.

    • ‘the bag is a cool but economical way to zhuzh up many an outfit’
    • ‘He relies almost always on putting the men in question into a suit, and zhooshing up their hair.’
    • ‘In 1815 the Prince had employed John Nash, architect of Regent's Park, to zhoosh up his rather plain and classical farmhouse by the sea.’
    • ‘He swept into the group's headquarters, a team of hair stylists in tow, his objective to ‘zhoosh up’ the women's looks, he said.’
    • ‘That's why pancetta, if you can get it, is a better choice; otherwise remember that unsmoked bacon is generally less salty than smoked. For pudding: ice-cream slightly zhuzhed-up.’
    • ‘I'd like to zhuzh up my scrambled eggs - any recommendations on things to add to make them a bit more tasty?’
    • ‘I take a lot of stuff all the time from the store and just kind of "zhuzh" it up.’
    • ‘Henri Lloyd enlisted Sydney super stylist Ken Thompson to zhush up the summer collection shown at the yacht club.’
    • ‘I`m going to zhush it up with a secret ingredient’
    enliven, liven up, brighten up, make more interesting, make more exciting, put some spirit into, make more attractive, add colour to, add some colour to, wake up, give a boost to, give a lift to, lift, ginger up


  • An act, addition, or quality that makes something more exciting, lively, or attractive.

    • ‘they have given the traditional Spanish farmhouse an added zhoosh’
    • ‘her books are ideal for any cook looking for something simple, but with a little zhuzh’


1960s probably from Polari, of uncertain ultimate origin.