Meaning of zillion in English:


cardinal number

  • An extremely large number of people or things.

    ‘we had zillions of customers’
    • ‘A few quick mathematical calculations will show that there's heaps, piles, zillions more places where conditions like this exist in Space than on a planet's surface.’
    • ‘There are zillions of people - not zillions, millions and millions of people in this country who know exactly what's going on.’
    • ‘‘I'd like to be a famous rock star with a million zillions of dollars,’ she says.’
    • ‘We spend millions and zillions of dollars on the space program, the Hubbell Telescope.’
    • ‘We are way over stock on quarks, we have zillion and zillions.’
    • ‘But now, we have moved from producing billions of pictures to zillions of pictures.’
    • ‘I'm still getting zillions of search requests, and emails, related to the Freelance Hellraiser mix of Christina Aguilera vs. The Strokes.’
    • ‘He inflicted the aural atrocity that is ‘The Frog's Chorus’ on zillions of unprotected eardrums.’
    • ‘Stock prices are soaring, jobs are being created by the zillions, people are buying fabulous new homes, and there's caviar in every pot!’
    • ‘His Civil War epic turned out to be composed of sets, costumes, coiffures, tinsel and hype - and the movie made zillions.’
    • ‘My tastes wandered in different directions, but Peel somehow kept up his enthusiasm for zillions of British rock bands until the end.’
    • ‘They have zillions of dollars and they have organized already.’
    • ‘I don't feel I'm ready to take this big step yet, but I know it would save me zillions of dollars by doing so.’
    • ‘The public knows in its water that throwing zillions into the black hole of virtually unreformed public services does not work.’
    • ‘We are all surrounded by zillions of bacteria, fungi, worms, insects and predators out looking for an easy meal.’
    • ‘It must suck to get busted for doing something that zillions of people in this town do anyway.’
    • ‘How would one begin to imagine the excitement of checking those zillions of numbers and addresses?’
    • ‘The film became a massive box-office hit and my song was on the soundtrack album, which sold zillions of copies.’
    • ‘They make zillions of dollars and this seems like a sly way to get more.’
    • ‘I'm trying to do, like, a zillion pelvic floor exercises a day.’
    a large amount, a fair amount, a good deal, a great deal, a deal, a great quantity, quantities, an abundance, a wealth, a profusion, plenty, masses


1940s from Z(perhaps as a symbol of an unknown quantity) + million.