Meaning of zokor in English:



  • A mole rat of eastern Asia that builds up large food stores in its burrows, found in high-altitude grasslands.

    Genus Myospalax, family Muridae: six species

    • ‘Many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians seek refuge and breed in zokor burrows.’
    • ‘This study supported the hypothesis that plateau zokor kept their gut capacity stable in the natural environment.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the field investigation also showed that soil hardness affected the distribution of the zokor.’
    • ‘Zheng speculated that zokors derived from middle Miocene Plesiodipus, which some researchers place close to the ancestry of arvicolines.’
    • ‘With increase of soil hardness, digging duration in incisors significantly increased, but dried soil mass dug out by the zokors in each bout reduced.’


Alocal name in the Altai Mountains.