Meaning of zone therapy in English:

zone therapy


mass noun
  • A system of alternative medicine (such as reflexology) in which different parts of the feet or hands are associated with different parts of the body.

    • ‘This means that, if any area of the body is not functioning properly, reflex zone therapy can help relieve the problem.’
    • ‘The concept of massage pressure on the soles of the feet is not totally new, since there are many professional semi-professional and lay persons that practice reflex zone therapy in some degree.’
    • ‘During the 1930s, therapist Eunice Ingham further refined the zone therapy into what we now refer to as foot reflexology.’
    • ‘With zone therapy, the body is divided by vertical lines into five zones on the left side and five zones on the right side.’
    • ‘Zone therapy is a therapeutic massage and pressure on certain areas of reflex zones under the foot (foot zone therapy) or in the hand (hand zone therapy).’