Meaning of zonkey in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzɒŋki/


  • The hybrid offspring of a donkey and a zebra.

    ‘a zonkey has been born at an animal reserve in Florence’
    • ‘It would be cool if a zonkey was a cross between a zebra and a monkey ... but it isn't.’
    • ‘Closer to home, a zonkey, er, deebra, er, cute brown quadruped is born.’
    • ‘Indeed, he discovered on Saturday evening that you know you are there when you see the zonkey, the zebra's offspring with a donkey.’
    • ‘Breeders, it was said, are using crossbreeding and genetic manipulation to introduce exotic animals, such as albino lions, and the "zonkey"—a cross between a zebra and a donkey.’
    • ‘A picnic lunch was catered at a site near the other eccentric residents of Castleton Farms: emus, zonkeys, camels, and a lone swan.’
    • ‘A cross between a zebra and a donkey produces a zonkey.’
    • ‘A zonkey is making news in Florence.’
    • ‘Ippo the zonkey was carried by a rare breed donkey and fathered by a zebra confiscated from a failing zoo.’
    • ‘The zonkey could live well into its 20s but will be unable to reproduce.’
    • ‘That one included a steer with six legs, a zonkey, a sheep with four horns and another with an extra leg, a miniature horse and a midget bull.’


1950s blend of zebra and donkey.