Meaning of zoogeographical region in English:

zoogeographical region

Pronunciation /ˌzuːə(ʊ)ˌdʒɪə(ʊ)ˈɡrafɪk(ə)l/ /ˌzəʊə(ʊ)-/


  • Each of a number of major areas of the earth having a characteristic fauna (especially mammals). They include the Palaearctic, Ethiopian, Oriental, Australian, Nearctic, and Neotropical regions.

    • ‘Housefly collections from five continents and six zoogeographical regions were obtained with the help of collaborators.’
    • ‘Wallace, in 1876, proposed 6 major zoogeographical regions to explain the distribution of faunal groups.’
    • ‘The Caspian Sea is considered an independent zoogeographical region due to the diversity, specificity and endemism of its fauna.’
    • ‘Crane flies are cosmopolitan in distribution, with about 15,000 described species in all zoogeographical regions.’
    • ‘The Western Ghats region of India is rich in freshwater fish fauna comprising of 288 species, 118 being endemic to this zoogeographical region.’


zoogeographical region

/ˌzuːə(ʊ)ˌdʒɪə(ʊ)ˈɡrafɪk(ə)l/ /ˌzəʊə(ʊ)-/