Meaning of zoogeographically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌzuːə(ʊ)dʒiːəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/ /ˌzəʊə(ʊ)dʒiːəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/


See zoogeography

  • ‘All but one nematode species from this zoogeographically interesting region are briefly described and illustrated.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, its boundaries, both conchologically and zoogeographically, are a bit fuzzy.’
  • ‘The reserve is zoogeographically representative of the Sierras’ mammalian fauna, and it has a particular composition in respect of other provincial localities.’
  • ‘Distribution of the family is zoogeographically perplexing.’
  • ‘Similarly, political units zoogeographically separated from the rest of their countries are treated as separate countries eg Hawaii and U.S.A.’



/ˌzuːə(ʊ)dʒiːəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/ /ˌzəʊə(ʊ)dʒiːəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/