Meaning of zooid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzuːɔɪd/ /ˈzəʊɔɪd/ /ˈzuːɪd/


  • An animal arising from another by budding or division, especially each of the individuals which make up a colonial organism and typically have different forms and functions.

    • ‘The most integrated colonies behave like individual organisms, for the zooids making up the colony are all specialized for certain functions and connected to each other.’
    • ‘The individuals of the colony are called zooids and many zooids with individual siphonal openings cover the surface of the colony.’
    • ‘Even in the earliest stages of new growth, complete reversals in budding directions of zooids are evident.’
    • ‘These are marine bryozoans with tubular zooids with strongly calcified walls.’
    • ‘The feeding zooids use retractile tentacles, called the lophophore, to filter feed and have a U-shaped gut for digestion.’


Mid 19th century from zoo-‘relating to animals’ + -oid.



/ˈzuːɔɪd/ /ˈzəʊɔɪd/ /ˈzuːɪd/