Meaning of zooidal in English:


Pronunciation /zuːˈɔɪd(ə)l/ /zəʊˈɔɪd(ə)l/ /ˈzuːɪd(ə)l/



See zooid

  • ‘Therefore, the two growth constants, isochronous growth levels and simultaneous secretion across shared zooidal boundaries, apply to primary cystiphragm-cortex units.’
  • ‘The rest of the colony surface, including the maculae, is occupied by kenozooids with thick walls forming polygonal ridges at zooidal boundaries, the ridges occasionally prolonged into short apertural spines.’
  • ‘Large cystiphragmconstricted zooidal void spaces, a low overall proportion of zooecial space, and a low overall proportions of space taken up by cystiphragms.’
  • ‘This requires that all zooidal walls grew independently of the rhythm of feeding polypide cycles.’
  • ‘When danger threatens, the lophophore can be pulled rapidly back into the safety of the zooidal skeleton by a muscle which is said to be the fastest-contracting in the animal kingdom.’



/zuːˈɔɪd(ə)l/ /zəʊˈɔɪd(ə)l/ /ˈzuːɪd(ə)l/