Meaning of zoophagous in English:


Pronunciation /zuːˈɒfəɡəs/ /zəʊˈɒfəɡəs/


  • (of an animal) feeding on other animals.

    ‘He decides the man is a zoophagous maniac.’
    • ‘There is no character with the sustaining power of Count Dracula, or of Renfield, the zoophagous patient who eats flies and spiders.’
    • ‘There were significantly more zoophagous bug species in wildflower areas than in pastures’
    • ‘Field studies have indicated that juvenile sardine are more zoophagous than adults.’
    • ‘Zoophagous insects extract nutrients from a living animal host and represent a broad group of parasitic insects.’
    meat-eating, flesh-eating, predatory, of prey, hunting, raptorial