Meaning of zoophyte in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzuːəfʌɪt/ /ˈzəʊəfʌɪt/ /ˈzuːfʌɪt/


dated Zoology
  • A plantlike animal, especially a coral, sea anemone, sponge, or sea lily.

    ‘There resulted, he proposed, eleven general grades with man at the apex and the zoophytes at the bottom, the zoophytes being invertebrate animals resembling plants.’
    • ‘A bottle was produced which was said to contain certain zoophytes.’
    • ‘Sheer chance had placed me in the presence of the most valuable specimens of this zoophyte.’
    • ‘It lists all the rarer plants of the district, and the zoophytes, and devotes a whole chapter to geology.’
    • ‘During those two days of April 11-12, the Nautilus didn't leave the surface of the sea, and its trawl brought up a simply miraculous catch of zoophytes, fish, and reptiles.’


Early 17th century from Greek zōiophuton(see zoo-, -phyte).