Meaning of zoospore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzuːəspɔː/ /ˈzəʊəspɔː/ /ˈzuːspɔː/


  • A spore of certain algae, fungi, and protozoans, capable of swimming by means of a flagellum.

    • ‘Even multicellular chromists, like brown algae and water molds, produce flagellated zoospores of this type.’
    • ‘Oedogonium grows in two different ways, through zoospores, or through syngamy of sperm and egg.’
    • ‘This suggests that infected host cells were negatively selected by the parasite zoospores under these conditions.’
    • ‘Under these conditions, the overwintering resting spores germinate and can infect plants directly or through the production of zoospores.’
    • ‘For example, copper ions (from copper oxychloride) are toxic to the zoospores of grapevine downy mildew, thus preventing infection.’



/ˈzuːəspɔː/ /ˈzəʊəspɔː/ /ˈzuːspɔː/