Meaning of zoot suit in English:

zoot suit

Pronunciation /ˈzuːt suːt/


  • A man's suit of an exaggerated style, characterized by a long, loose jacket with padded shoulders and high-waisted tapering trousers, popular in the 1940s.

    ‘Alison Wojanski's menswear collection was one of the strongest and featured a floor-sweeping feather coat, tan tops and trousers and a zoot suit with a wonderful wood print fabric.’
    • ‘Later, he'd affect a hipster get-up consisting of a zoot suit and tilted beret, and play a horn with an uptilted bell while ballooning his cheeks past the usual limits of human flesh.’
    • ‘The War Production Board banned the zoot suit because of the extra material required in the long jackets and draped trousers.’
    • ‘And, yes, he did look smoother than a virgin ice rink with his zoot suit, his spats, his furry purple fedora and his dark, smouldering cigarette.’
    • ‘A zoot suit and two-tone shoes or a tux was the appropriate evening attire for men.’
    • ‘It was Mark in a black zoot suit, white satin gloves, black cowboy boots with extra tall heels, and sunglasses.’
    • ‘If you go to a Lounge club you don't have to dress in a zoot suit.’
    • ‘Just get a load of his 1940s zoot suit and those size 20 yellow sneakers.’
    • ‘Then I saw Cab Calloway with a zoot suit and that was it.’
    • ‘Don't expect Mr. Weld to don a zoot suit and join the ranks of the American swing revivalists.’
    • ‘Malcolm Little, years before he was Malcolm X, wore his hair chemically slicked in what was called a conk and styled zoot suits when he was young.’
    • ‘We're wearing Forties style zoot suits, the kind of thing that Lindy Hoppers would wear to Harlem swing clubs.’
    • ‘The swank hotel, the zoot suits, the booze, the usually second-rate tilt at glamour - it's a fantasy Oscars night for frustrated non-stars.’
    • ‘With their zoot suits and wing tips, they went on to lead the retro-swing phenomenon, nab a Grammy nomination for their second self-titled album, and play such illustrious venues as the Super Bowl and the White House.’
    • ‘In the Scouse corner we have the Fab Four - the mop-topped, clean - cut Beatles who started out in zoot suits and then went on to love drugs, mystics and Paisley patterns.’
    • ‘Both the books and the films are artful and entertaining, but also more than a little bit campy, like zoot suits and swing dancing.’
    • ‘If zoot suits and wallet chains are your thing, then this is the place.’


1940s rhyming formation on suit.