Meaning of zooxanthellate in English:




See zooxanthella

‘In any case, most if not all Triassic scleractinians, whether zooxanthellate or not, show skeletal construction different from modern (strictly post-Cretaceous) equivalents.’
  • ‘New collections from the Tamana Formation in Trinidad contain 41 species of zooxanthellate corals.’
  • ‘A total of 41 species of zooxanthellate corals were recovered from the unit, including 21 new records.’
  • ‘Based on corallite configuration, growth form and analogy with Acropora, Blastozopsammia had a relatively high degree of colony integration and may have been zooxanthellate.’
  • ‘The specific identity of endosymbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium spp.) from most zooxanthellate corals is unknown.’