Meaning of zorilla in English:



  • A black and white carnivorous mammal that resembles a skunk, inhabiting arid regions of southern Africa.

    Ictonyx striatus, family Mustelidae

    • ‘Very little is known about the social life of wild zorillas, and they appear to be mainly solitary.’
    • ‘Many zorilla families have been kept together in captivity, where mutual grooming appears common.’
    • ‘With its long claws, the zorilla digs feverishly after the prize, alternately sinking its nose into the ground until it comes up munching.’
    • ‘Their smell is so strong, most larger animals avoid them, and about the only time zorillas aren't alone is during mating season.’
    • ‘The zorilla is a nocturnal predator that inhabits scrub, forest and grassland in southern and eastern Africa.’


Late 18th century via French from Spanish zorrilla, diminutive of zorro ‘fox’.