Meaning of Zouave in English:


Pronunciation /zuːˈɑːv/ /zwɑːv/


  • 1A member of a light-infantry corps in the French army, originally of Algerians and long retaining their oriental uniform.

    • ‘In an attempt to avoid further bloodshed Pius asked his own army, the Zouaves, to lay down their arms, fled the Quirinal (papal palace) and shut himself up in the Vatican.’
    • ‘Her father, Jules-Joseph, a retired army captain of the Zouaves who had lost a leg in the Italian wars, was a tax-collector with local political aspirations.’
    • ‘Assigned to the 12th Regiment of Zouaves, Folcher had spent much of the Phoney War on exercises, moving around frequently and eventually being assigned in March to a sector of the line behind the Ardennes.’
    • ‘Then we saw coming towards us the French Zouaves.’
    • ‘The Zouaves, more often than not, maintained order or formed honour guards on great occasions, the most recent being the pope's visit to Quebec in 1984.’
    • ‘From the hills above watched British infantry dressed in the kilts of the Highlanders (whose bonnets may have been inspired by North American Indians), and French zouaves in the turbans of North African Berbers.’
    • ‘I have taken information on French zouaves in World War I from Men at Arms Series 286: The French Army 1914-18.’
    • ‘The zouaves enjoyed an immense popularity under the Second Empire that was owed to more than their exotic accouterments.’
  • 2zouavesWomen's trousers with wide tops, tapering to a narrow ankle.


Mid 19th century from French, from Kabyle Zouaoua, the name of a tribe.



/zuːˈɑːv/ /zwɑːv/