Meaning of Zuni in English:


(also Zuñi)

nounZuni, Zunis

  • 1A member of a Pueblo Indian people of western New Mexico.

    • ‘They like to be called what they are - Utes, Hopis, Zunis - and collectively, they answer to ‘first people’.’
    • ‘Kirk Bemis, the Zunis ' hydrologist, says that the appropriate studies on these other aquifers have yet to be done.’
    • ‘She makes her living as an itinerant folksinger whose songs become her means of trying to claim an identity for herself as a Zuni.’
    • ‘A field test among the Zuni and Navaho in 1951 indicated it would be fruitful to conduct a larger scale project in all five communities.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I should tell you that long after Cushing's time, the Zuni did restore their church, and I have seen it.’
  • 2mass noun The language of the Zuni, with about 3,000 speakers.

    ‘He curses at him in Zuñi and spits on the ground, as he has seen Popé do.’


  • Relating to the Zuni or their language.

    • ‘She furthered Hopi and Zuni art in the Southwest, working in ceramics and silver.’
    • ‘Logan had learned this tract was mistakenly omitted from the government's official demarcation of Zuni boundaries five years earlier.’
    • ‘It seems he was given to going around in Zuni costume, but, his rivals complained, it was not strictly authentic.’
    • ‘The practice is perhaps best known among the Zuñi Indians of Arizona, but is widely seen in other tribal groups as well.’
    • ‘The moment you enter, you notice the quality of the pottery, basketry, rugs, and jewelry most crafted by the Zuni and Navajo peoples of the Colorado Plateau.’


From Spanish Zuñi, probably from Keresan.