Meaning of Zwinglian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Swiss Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli or his doctrine.

    ‘some churches followed a Zwinglian tradition’
    • ‘Catholic or Zwinglian, the bells are strict in their demands.’
    • ‘The Zwinglian principle of the primacy of scripture is evident in his appeal to a lack of biblical warrant for auricular confession.’
    • ‘The Privy Council had published forty-two articles which endeavoured to enforce Zwinglian doctrines upon the English Church.’
    • ‘His writings begin to show a drift toward Zwinglian theology, while retaining the strong pastoral interest for which he had become famous.’
    • ‘Admittedly, much of Switzerland is more Zwinglian than Calvinist.’


  • A follower of the Swiss Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli or his doctrine.

    ‘he eventually settled and became a Zwinglian’
    • ‘He was at this time even more embittered than Luther against the Zwinglians.’
    • ‘He labored for union with other Swiss churches, wrote many letters about his hopes for a rapprochement with the Lutherans and Zwinglians, and was routinely called upon to help resolve troubles in churches in other cities.’
    • ‘This elicited the wrath not only of the Zwinglians but also of the Catholic party, which was still strong at Cambridge.’
    • ‘It made little sense to be concerned about Christian unity, whether with Romanists or Zwinglians.’
    • ‘He proves that, while the Lutherans and Zwinglians were new sects, the churches of the so-called Anabaptists, or Baptists of the sixteenth century, were but the renewal or continuation of the Petrobrusian and Waldensian churches of the twelfth century.’