Meaning of zwitterionic in English:




See zwitterion

  • ‘It is this combination of experiment and theory that provides a new and detailed picture of the specific interaction between sodium ions and zwitterionic lipid molecules.’
  • ‘Another significant factor may be the difference in charge between the buffer salts; phosphate is anionic whereas Tris is cationic and zwitterionic.’
  • ‘The main goal of the present article is to evaluate atomistic molecular dynamics simulations as tools for investigating monolayers of zwitterionic and anionic phospholipids.’
  • ‘The labelling of phosphatidylcholine was more than halved and replaced by increased labelling of other zwitterionic lipids.’
  • ‘For example, dimerization of the transmembrane segment of glycophorin is less tight and equilibrates much faster in sodium dodecyl sulfate than in zwitterionic detergents.’
  • ‘To determine the phase behavior of the zwitterionic lipids along the water gradient, we combine previous models for lipid-water systems and for lipid mixtures in excess solvent.’