Meaning of zydeco in English:



mass noun
  • A kind of black American dance music originally from southern Louisiana, typically featuring accordion and guitar.

    • ‘She'd grown up in Lafayette, Louisiana, to the sounds of country music and zydeco.’
    • ‘American roots music is a collective name for the various music genres such as country, blues, gospel, folk, bluegrass, Cajun, zydeco, Tejano, and Native American.’
    • ‘Is it the sounds of jazz or funk or zydeco wafting out of neighborhood bars?’
    • ‘Bringing these artists together has brought a musical heritage to life, fusing soul, blues, zydeco, Cajun and jazz of every persuasion into an improbably rewarding experience for a fund-raising record.’
    • ‘The music was zydeco, the local Ben & Jerry's gave out free ice cream, but the best things about the afternoon were the gold crowns handed out to the neighborhood kids.’
    • ‘Moreover, Cajun music owes much to the music of black Creoles, who contributed to Cajun music as they developed their own similar music, which became zydeco.’
    • ‘There's colour and costumes, fine zydeco and cool jazz played by 90-year-old musicians in tiny Preservation Hall.’
    • ‘The album works on all levels thanks to its diversified genres, such as jazz, blues, gospel, bluegrass and zydeco.’
    • ‘There is music for everyone in this city - traditional jazz, honky-tonk piano, Cajun, zydeco, rhythm and blues, gospel, rock, and country.’
    • ‘I think that country music inspires that - like all folkloric music, whether it's zydeco, country or Quebecois rigodon.’
    • ‘But few acknowledge that zydeco is already a hybrid, incorporating Afro-Caribbean rhythms with rock, blues, the Cajun music of the Creoles' white neighbours, and soul.’
    • ‘The Louisiana they remember with pride hasn't changed altogether - there's gumbo on the stove, zydeco on the radio, and families with traditional values.’
    • ‘Now I've got zydeco playing in my head and I want crawfish boil and some of that rosemint tea for breakfast.’
    • ‘They even include some halfway decent zydeco if you're into that sort of thing.’
    • ‘In the heartland of Cajun cookery and zydeco music sits the Crescent City Cricket Club of New Orleans, one of the oldest cricket clubs in the USA.’
    • ‘Delving into zydeco music and with a surprising new lyrical approach, Graceland was a highly successful musical experiment.’
    • ‘You can seek out information or relay information or just find another person who shares your love of zydeco music.’
    • ‘Also on August 21 and 22, the vibrant zydeco artist C.J. Chenier and The Red Hot Louisiana Band will get the audience on the dancefloor.’
    • ‘Traditional jazz is the focus, though everyone from big bands to folksy trios to zydeco troupes play.’
    • ‘Co-producer Cam Hayden also promises the festival is going to deliver a zydeco band this year if it's the last thing he does.’


1960s Louisiana Creole, possibly from a pronunciation of French les haricots in a dance-tune title.