Meaning of zygomatic arch in English:

zygomatic arch


  • The zygoma.

    • ‘The superficial temporal occasionally gives rise to the maxillary above the zygomatic arch, or to a tympanic artery.’
    • ‘Therefore, all bony structures of the face, including the malar eminences, orbital rims, zygomatic arches, mandible, and teeth, should be carefully inspected and palpated for irregularity or tenderness.’
    • ‘The ventral margin of the zygomatic arch is only slightly arched and lies dorsal to the toothrow.’
    • ‘The posterior portion of the zygomatic arch extends to the occipital region forming an enlarged attachment site for the temporalis muscle.’
    • ‘The maxilla and frontal are expanded laterally, hiding the small zygomatic arch from dorsal view.’
    • ‘The zygomatic plate, formed by the anterior base of the zygomatic arch, is broad and a conspicuous feature of the cranium.’