Meaning of zygomorphy in English:




See zygomorphic

  • ‘Growth of the corolla and androecium show a dorso-ventral asymmetry that also results in zygomorphy.’
  • ‘In addition, as suggested by Leins and Erbar, the zygomorphy of the flowers found in the Lobelias makes them more effective for pollination than actinomorphic flowers.’
  • ‘Zygomorphic flowers were mostly found among hummingbird- and medium-large bee-pollinated species and, in fact, zygomorphy is largely known as a visual attractant for some groups of pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds.’
  • ‘Based upon any classification, we must conclude that floral zygomorphy has evolved more than once, and if true, then we would predict different ontogenies leading to zygomorphy in different clades.’
  • ‘The point of this example is that as long as typical asterid flower development is maintained, a limited number of forms of zygomorphy are possible, and other forms are effectively off limits.’