Meaning of Zygoptera in English:


plural noun

  • A group of insects which comprises the damselflies.

    Suborder Zygoptera, order Odonata

    • ‘Phenological records for 29 species (six Zygoptera and 23 Anisoptera) from nine genera occurring in Yukon and BC were found (in usable form) in Walker, Walker and Corbet and Cannings.’
    • ‘Assuming a relatively constant rate of change at the molecular level, our data indicate an ancient split between extant Zygoptera and Anisoptera + Epiophlebia.’
    • ‘Despite the diversity of insects consumed, only the proportion of Zygoptera larvae in the diet differed between reproductive periods.’
    • ‘Two species of Zygoptera, Coenagrion angulatum Walker and C. resolution, in Saskatchewan, show this response especially clearly.’
    • ‘Thus, this character is clearly homoplastic within Zygoptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek zugon ‘yoke’ + pteron ‘wing’.