Meaning of zygopteran in English:


noun & adjective


See Zygoptera

  • ‘The eyes of zygopterans are generally situated further apart than with most anisopterans.’
  • ‘A construction of the fertilisation and copulatory events is proposed based on descriptive and experimental evidence in other zygopterans as well as in this species.’
  • ‘As the individual warmed, it moved to the sunlit side of the plant to take on the normal zygopteran posture, posture 2, where only the legs touched the substrate.’
  • ‘Only three zygopteran species were recognised in the fauna by Wise.’
  • ‘Juvenile Nile perch feed on invertebrates (e.g., ephemeropteran naiads, anisopterans, zygopterans and chironomids) when small then switch to fishes with growth.’