Meaning of zygospore in English:



  • The thick-walled resting cell of certain fungi and algae, arising from the fusion of two similar gametes.

    • ‘The thick-walled zygospore which encases the zygote, is highly ornamented and very durable.’
    • ‘White mutant diploid zygospores did not germinate (undergo meiosis) when subjected to low light (8 mol photons m - 2 sec - 1) overnight.’
    • ‘When mixed, + and - gametes rapidly pair, fuse, and form a diploid cell that becomes a heavy-walled zygospore.’
    • ‘Fossil zygospores have been used to infer paleoecology of the regions in which they occur, suggesting that shallow freshwater pools or lakes were present in the past.’
    • ‘This group of relatively high values is associated with samples containing common algal zygospores.’