Translation of 'un in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ən/


  • 1

    the old 'uns/young 'uns los viejos/jóvenes
    • that fish you've caught's a big 'un has pescado un pez de los gordos
    • that's a good 'un! ¡esa sí que es buena!
    • thanks, love, you're a good 'un gracias corazón, tú sí que eres buena
    • I always knew he was a wrong 'un.
    • Carol's brother Jimmy is a bad 'un.
    • Perhaps you have a "little 'un" for whom you think a Montessori start would be good.
    • This 'un won't do anythin' to endanger the rest of ya.
    • I've always wanted to be the kind of mother who spends as much time as possible with her young 'un.
    • However, this hasn't stopped it from being a good 'un.
    • He got her and me a place to stay across the river, and a young 'un to help her.
    • There are some pretty good midpriced gifts for the young 'uns in here.
    • You may have to leave the little 'uns at home.
    • I'll leave it up to you young 'uns.