Translation of -sided in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsaɪdɪd/ /ˈsʌɪdɪd/


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    many-sided de muchos lados
    • a three-sided figure una figura de tres lados
    • In the comfy lounge, a 20-sided die rolled silently across a table like a tumbleweed.
    • Those old oriental boxes, top hats with pigeons and double-sided silk handkerchiefs won't do any more.
    • Through the millennia, the Zambezi River has carved its way down through faulted rock to create this sheer-sided gorge.
    • In particular they want to speak to the driver of a large articulated lorry which had a curtain-sided trailer with gold writing on it.
    • In all but the most one-sided encounters, however, the ascendancy shifts between the teams.
    • Having played himself in, however, he began to turn what had been a one-sided game into a real contest.
    • Our English breakfast tea arrived in separate six-sided pots, together with jugs of hot water and fresh milk.
    • I'm still waiting for three- or more-sided skirmish and multiplayer battles.
    • He presented with a 24 hour history of right-sided chest pain which seemed to be temporally related to a recent bout of coughing.
    • It was due to be a triple-sided single with Infa Riot, 4 - Skins and Last Resort.
    • This made calculus a lot cleaner, and it makes the conceptualization of a circle as an infinite-sided polygon possible.
    • He had originally been referred to a neurologist with left-sided ear pain.
    • Instead of straight-sided walls, the walls curve so the building is wider at the middle than at each end.
    • If you want to lighten up or brighten up one side of a portrait, the white-sided reflector also works well.
    • Day two, we walked down the steep-sided Hukere Stream to join up with the Travers River, then on to Lake Head hut.
    • I woke up at five am with a right-sided headache that throbbed.
    • I think that trying to find a major turning point of this rather one-sided affair is hard to come by.
    • What was the point of painting such a negative and one - sided picture of them?
    • The valley is quite narrow and steep-sided, so you do not see out, but it's full of interest.
    • Given the known propensities of baggage handlers, a hard-sided case is definitely the way to go.