Translation of A/D in Spanish:


A/D, adj.


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    A/D converter convertidor A/D
    • A/D conversion conversión A/D
    • A/D equipment/system equipo m/sistema analógico digital
    • The accuracy of this circuit rivals many digital voltmeters within the range I tested it (6 volts to 18 volts), about the same as a 10 bit A/D converter.
    • The A/D converter can be interfaced to transducers that convert different forms of energy into an electrical signal.
    • The A/D converter's serial port is synchronous; thus, its handshaking requirements are minimal and it only requires one wire for clock and one or two wires for data.
    • An A/D converter may be housed on a PC board with associated circuitry or in a variety of remote or networked configurations.
    • The objective of an A/D converter is to determine the output digital word corresponding to an analog input signal.