Translation of A-frame in Spanish:


estructura de madera en forma de A, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪˌfreɪm/


  • 1

    (timber frame)
    estructura de madera en forma de A feminine
    • They have confirmed that an underwater investigations have identified hairline fissures on the A-frame structures which support the propellor shafts.
    • We followed in the footsteps of the crew along the flying walkway, passing under a large A-frame that supported the foremast.
    • Team members have to move the frame with another person standing on the bar of the A-frame, by loosening and pulling on ropes at different times.
    • The main timbers for the trusses were 12 in x 8in and were 40 ft long and they were used to construct 13 A-frames.
    • The club, which trains up to 70 dogs on Sunday mornings, lost a range of equipment including see-saws, tyre tunnels, and A-frames.
    • One of the men had experience with tripods and derricks so they built two A-frames out of timbers and used pulleys and cables to lift the plane up, literally inch-by-inch.
    • Although it seems high to many handlers, the A-frame is the best obstacle to begin training.
    • For launch from the mother ship the ship's own launch hoists can be used or alternatively an A-frame can be set up on the mother ship in under twelve hours.
    • Roof vaults are supported at their ends by big A-frames with large raking struts exposed.
    • Obstacles include jumping through a hanging tire, scaling planks, running up and down an A-frame, and other challenges.
    • Some of the dog training obstacles include A-frames, dogwalks, weave poles, mini contact equipment, contact trainer, jumps (single, double, and triple), chutes, barrels, and teeters.
    • ‘I got the nurses to put one of those A-frames over the bed, and I tried to reach it, but I couldn't get there,’ Simon says.
    • They are going to do multi-cores off the aft deck and piston coring off the side A-frame.
    • Using a horse, some rope, and their stile as an A-frame for leverage, they were able to open up the chambered tomb.
    • When placed in the hot coals of the public ovens overnight, the A-frame lid enables moisture to circulate in the form of steam and condensation, keeping the dish moist.
  • 2US

    casa prefabricada sobre una estructura de madera en forma de A (house)
    casa A feminine Chile
    • A few miles away in a near-town neighborhood of lower-middle-class A-frames, several houses are decorated in familiar placards.
    • Small A-frame houses, Russian orthodox churches, and many new wooden buildings went up as Russians settled the area in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
    • The A-frame house was the product of two years hard work; a test of the construction techniques used for the other buildings around the growing community.
    • Each is architecturally different, from a Cape Cod cottage, to an A-frame chateau, to a lighthouse look-alike.
    • In a year or so an A-frame that accommodates three or four families in style will be built on the site.
    • It was a modified A-frame at that point, the peak of the roof standing some eight meters from the ground, the top half above the porch roof all glass.
    • The cabin is an A-frame, tall and thin, a cow skull wired over the doorway, fake Indian symbols painted around it.