Traducción de A-OK en Español:


perfectamente bien, adj.


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    perfectamente bien
    • So the account or the tax preparer would often help out in terms of structuring a return in order to look as though it was A-OK.
    • Wide open highways on which I can drive 90 are A-okay, on the other hand.
    • The university administration argues that participation rates in Ontario and Alberta - two of the several provinces that experienced massive increases over the past ten years or so - haven't gone down, proving everything is A-okay.
    • Which means that all the corporations that had the foresight to profit early from their disloyalty, depriving the government of $70 billion a year, are A-okay.
    • This in itself is A-OK, but such countries run the risk of being sandbagged by protectionist tariffs initiated by neighbouring nations.
    • I got a clean bill of health from the doctors and everything is A-OK.
    • Since June 14, everything in Cleveland is A-OK.
    • You've chaired three committees, so over time have you seen a pattern of repeated flaws in the systems, repeated assurances that the systems are A-OK?
    • High-intensity sports like soccer, basketball, and sprinting are A-OK.
    • The pastor of the church we serve at is A-OK with it; he still supports me and can't see what the big deal is.
    • ‘On the surface everything is A-OK,’ says Marshall Wittman, a conservative analyst at the Hudson Institute.
    • If Trisha doesn't say anything, her boss will assume everything's A-OK.
    • Nevertheless, to be able to say that the power system is A-OK is a big step for this engineering team, as they try to figure out what has gone wrong.
    • All eye/forehead related stuff is A-OK, thanks for asking.
    • Cheerleaders and crack drumlines would be A-OK with 99.4 percent of the halftime audience.
    • ‘Yeah,’ I reply, straightening up and hastily brushing brownie crumbs off the front of my shirt, ‘I'm A-okay.’
    • Mortgages are bought and sold, debt is traded and passed down the line, the ‘carry trade’ keeps racking up profits and the numbers continue being shuffled to demonstrate that everything is A-OK.
    • This guy might be one A-OK fellow.
    • Now, everyone thinks you have a disease, when in real life, you're 100% A-OK.
    • Another vote for tasteful hair coloring being A-OK!