Traducción de A-side en Español:


cara A, n.

Pronunciación /ˈeɪˌsaɪd/


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    cara A femenino
    • The double A-side single Young Man is currently out on promo.
    • I wanted to make an album that didn't have any throw away tracks on it… where every piece is a potential A-side single.
    • I also like the idea of recording songs in pairs and putting them out as double A-sides.
    • His first single was a double A-side featuring Westlife's song ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Anything Is Possible’.
    • Perhaps it's to be expected that a band called the A-Sides would package its debut single as a double A-side.
    • This 10-song collection features mostly B-sides and a few A-sides, but generally it's material North Americans haven't been able to buy.
    • ‘Baby Boomerang’, for example, appeared as an A-side nearly five years after it was originally released on The Slider.
    • So I got to do the intro with him and it turned out to be the A-side of his record.
    • The singer's representatives had insisted the chart show screen him singing both tracks from his double A-side single.
    • The single will be a double A-side with two songs - both ballads.
    • With its beefed-up beat and Monch's vocal skills, the song is now a bonafide A-side track.
    • The A-side was ‘Reasons To Believe’ and a disc jockey in Cleveland turned it over and played it.
    • It's also got a nifty closed groove on the A-side; to get to the song that follows you have to skip to the end and it plays backward.
    • And in a surprising turn of events, no singles were released for this album, with the assurance that they'd be releasing a few A-sides in December.
    • The double A-side will be released as a limited edition vinyl.
    • Happily, the two tracks on offer here amply justify their existence as A-sides.
    • Can you guess the A-sides of each of these and the year they were all hits?
    • As ever with these popularity/unpopularity polls, it was a bit of a double A-side - some bits were splendid, some were just frightening.
    • I loved the writing on the A-side of the menu, too.
    • The problem with this, though, is I think we're recording our 3 best songs so there's likely to be a debate over what becomes the A-side.