Translation of abate in Spanish:


amainar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈbeɪt/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (storm/wind) amainar
    (storm/wind) calmarse
    (anger) aplacarse
    (anger) calmarse
    (noise/violence) disminuir
    (pain) calmarse
    (pain) ceder

transitive verb

  • 1

    (anger) aplacar
    (anger) mitigar
    (pain) calmar
    (pain) mitigar
    • Space constraint did not abate their zeal to get a glimpse of the amazing cultural divergence of the nation.
    • Let's work on abating the mosquitoes in this environment.
    • In the same breath I say the government and police are the ones responsible for solving or abating the situation.
    • He was convincing enough to persuade Wall Street, thus abating the nervousness of the market.
    • Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief.
    • It is clear that within the constraints imposed on them, the design team has done everything to ensure that community disruption is abated as much as possible.
    • Surely winning comedy's biggest prize in 1995 must have abated this self-doubt?
    • As the cast belts out the title song, fears are abated.
    • We did have, however, a small fuel leak, as I mentioned before, and it was abated using layers of foam.
    • There is a need for a definitive course of action in order to abate this spiralling situation.
    • During the mid section of the morning I was able to abate my longing for biscuits by eating a slice of homemade fruit cake (courtesy of Welsh Dad Tony).
    • If rich countries want to help abate the impact of the tsunami, why not allow part of that assistance to be in the form of government tax collection?
    • We were both broke and working pub shifts but nothing could abate my appetite for conceiving low budget film ideas.
    • Surgery on the right ear diminished but did not completely abate her symptoms, so she underwent surgery on the left ear.
    • There are two approaches to abating these effects.
    • Fat not only abates hunger and satiates, but also is an important endurance exercise fuel.
    • Through such ‘friendship,’ egocentrism and superiority are abated.
    • Widening numbness has abated the pain to his pelvis.
    • You have abated my rage surpassingly well, and I do not see the need to revive it.
    • He had abated his hunger somewhat, so he put his fork down and turned to the elderly man.
  • 2

    (nuisance/pollution) poner término a
    (nuisance/pollution) acabar con