Translation of abattoir in Spanish:


matadero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæbəˌtwɑr/ /ˈabətwɑː/

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    matadero masculine
    • Once in southern Europe, many animals are slaughtered in abattoirs using methods which are illegal in Britain.
    • The 29-month-old animal was slaughtered in an abattoir in Wales last November and put into the food chain.
    • The company wants to build a packing facility for the meat from pigs slaughtered at its abattoir in the village.
    • The pigs are raised locally, slaughtered in a local abattoir and processed locally.
    • However, in my opinion, animals that are slaughtered in abattoirs can suffer just as much as foxes that are hunted.
    • Both pathogens can colonise the intestines of beef cattle and get into the food chain during slaughter at the abattoir.
    • Spanish abattoirs are used to slaughter many Portuguese cattle.
    • At present the abattoir is slaughtering animals for the domestic market.
    • It was reported earlier that the abattoir will start slaughtering in November.
    • The sale of meat from an animal not slaughtered in an abattoir is also illegal.
    • This led the company to convert a part of the abattoir to slaughter small stock.
    • The stock is slaughtered at Haverfordwest and Llanelli abattoirs.
    • Many are slaughtered for pet food or sold to continental abattoirs.
    • Many butchers operate small abattoirs, and those that do not, buy from a local abattoir.
    • The bank has also helped set up a community-owned butcher in the town, sustain a local abattoir and buy a dolphin-watch boat.
    • But the increased costs of maintaining health and safety at abattoirs means consumers are unlikely to benefit.
    • However, the most iniquitous means of reducing the price is the dressing specification adopted by abattoirs.
    • Widespread closure of abattoirs has already disrupted the supply chain.
    • For a start they could support the establishment and use of local abattoirs.
    • We have the ability to source direct from local farms using local abattoirs and we do that wherever we can.