Translation of abduction in Spanish:


rapto, n.

Pronunciation /æbˈdəkʃ(ə)n/ /əbˈdʌkʃn/


  • 1

    rapto masculine
    secuestro masculine
    plagio masculine Latin America
    • She helps police investigate murders, abductions, rapes and extortions.
    • They were also responsible for hundreds of religious and political abductions and assassinations.
    • I have read that stranger abductions are actually on the decline in the past couple of years.
    • The scene is still one of bewilderment and fear as reports of abductions and murder grab the headlines.
    • Sectarian tensions had already been running high, and the abductions threaten to provoke armed conflict.
    • A special law was enacted to make such abductions a capital offence, punishable by hanging.
    • Everywhere you look and in everything you read you hear about child abductions and murders.
    • Unlike political or terrorist acts, criminal abductions were found to largely occur without any accomplices.
    • The actual number of such abductions by strangers turned out to be 200 to 300 a year.
    • And actually, the statistics show that the number of child abductions has not gone up.
    • The abductions give militants the high-profile publicity they seek to show they are still a force to be reckoned with.
    • He still wonders if the two abductions were connected in some way.
    • It would be a rewarding research project to try to chart this out, most especially in the area of UFOs, alien abductions, and the like.
    • We've also heard of several more abductions and now assassinations.
    • Four men are expected to appear in the magistrate's court on Tuesday in connection with the rape and abduction of a British tourist.
    • All have denied involvement in the abduction of the 54 -year-old father of three.
    • The abduction happened outside the pub, when the girls were led to a nearby car, Basildon Crown Court heard.
    • Child abduction is a rare enough crime and for two children to be taken by someone they don't know without signs of a struggle is stranger still.
    • In America, the current wave of reports of alien abduction bears a strong resemblance to out of body experiences.