Translation of abductor in Spanish:


raptor, n.

Pronunciation /æbˈdəktər/ /əbˈdʌktə/


  • 1

    raptor masculine
    raptora feminine
    secuestrador masculine
    secuestradora feminine
    • They even voted to allow child abductors, thieves, and bomb hoaxers to remain as refugees.
    • To me, he will always be a dirty thief and a ruthless abductor!
    • Authorities are following up on the report and have yet to determine if the abductors are pirates or terrorists.
    • Among the nine US citizens missing is a man known to have been kidnapped and whose abductors have threatened to kill him.
    • She hadn't yet seen any other sign of life besides her abductor and her abductor's family.
    • According to police, the abductors made them to travel a lot.
    • He is a murderer and a child abductor but he doesn't go on the register for that.
    • All the abductor would need to do is toss the phone out the car window and the child would not be traceable.
    • His abductors refused to accept $54,000 from his father during kidnapping negotiations last week.
    • He was released by his abductors yesterday, two days after they kidnapped him and demanded a $100,000 ransom for his safe release.
    • The Hearst kidnapping was one of the first examples of the Stockholm Syndrome - where kidnap victims come to identify with their abductors as a means of survival.
    • Chinese police are trying to determine the identity of the four abductors.
    • Relatives are begging his abductors to let them speak with him.
    • The father of the 16-year-old kidnap victim is appealing to her abductors to release her.
    • Two of the abductors were arrested and indicted on murder but at their trial they were found not guilty by an all white jury in under 2 hours.
    • A housewife who was kidnapped on Friday morning was released yesterday by her abductors.
    • The two executives who were kidnapped last week are yet to be released by their abductors.
    • Detectives, who have today launched a major hunt for her abductors, say the girl made desperate attempts to stop passing cars but nobody pulled over.