Translation of aberrant in Spanish:


aberrante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæbərənt/ /əˈbɛrənt/ /əˈbɛr(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (behavior) aberrante
    (in statistics) atípico
    (in statistics) anómalo
    • We have noticed that multiple clones carried an aberrant chromosome III that was indistinguishable by size.
    • Removal of this aberrant chromosome from further calculations makes no change to the inferences drawn.
    • Cells containing any of these types of chromosomal alterations were considered aberrant cells.
    • Other aberrant gametophyte phenotypes were observed among the group of mutants that could form antheridia.
    • Flow cytometric immunophenotyping did not reveal an aberrant T cell or monoclonal B-cell population.
    • When a damaged cell is unable to repair itself, an aberrant cell line, or malignancy, may result.
    • At later periods, extremely aberrant metaphases predominated.
    • Review of the flow cytometric immunophenotypic data failed to reveal a monoclonal B-cell or aberrant T-cell population.
    • Cervical thymic masses are congenital lesions that result from aberrant thymic migration during embryogenesis.
    • The frequency of aberrant metaphases in the controls ranged from 0 to 1.9%.
    • Indeed, it was aberrant of him to accept the job and downright silly of the government to appoint him.
    • If you're successful, you've doomed your family to a somewhat aberrant, abnormal existence, but it's public service.
    • This was not an aberrant, deviant test thrust on the wife by an unusually suspicious husband.
    • The reaction to the murder case made it seem like the killers were degenerates, aberrant psychos who were far removed from normality.
    • Yet these men had invisible and aberrant thoughts and fantasies, and were constantly processing their weird symbols and hatred in ways normal people will never fully comprehend.
    • But some fears are well-founded: fundamentalism has emerged as an aberrant, aggressive phenomenon in all the world's religions.
    • ‘Implicatory denial’ is when a state acknowledges torture but blames it on aberrant agents.
    • Governments came to support these societal changes by adding penalties only late in the game to enforce rules against what had already become aberrant behavior.
    • I don't think it's a sickness that causes somebody to engage in aberrant behavior.
    • This is a system, not an individual's aberrant behaviour.
    • There's nothing, though, that would necessarily explain his aberrant fascination with dead animals.
    • In fact, it covers two of my many aberrant fields of interest.
    • They were nothing more than the winners of a game we all wanted to play - a game that we knew rewarded certain aberrant tendencies.
    • So, it doesn't excuse the behavior but I think it explains the atmosphere that gives rise to the aberrant behavior.
    • The reasons why the pattern is aberrant are not complex.
    • It's fun tearing apart this delusional woman's aberrant thought processes.
    • This aberrant conduct should not be rewarded by making fundamental changes in the way judges are nominated.
    • It seems to me that this is just again reinforcing the conclusion that there were five or six aberrant soldiers.
    • This year for some aberrant reason, I feel like watching, so let's all watch together.
    • And that, give or take a few sequences depicting extreme and aberrant weather conditions around the globe, is it.