Translation of abiding in Spanish:


duradero, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈbaɪdɪŋ/ /əˈbʌɪdɪŋ/


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    (interest/friendship/joy) duradero
    (interest/friendship/joy) perdurable
    (fear/hatred/contempt) pertinaz
    the abiding image is of a caring person la impresión que deja es la de una persona bondadosa
    • He can never hope for lasting human contacts: abiding love, enduring friendship.
    • But one abiding feeling displayed by all, despite the circumstances, had to be optimism and an admirable acceptance.
    • However, there is some wine that does, triggering a deep and abiding feeling of well-being that is more than simple pleasure.
    • For many Republicans, the abiding feeling of the last generation has been that this unique pattern of party competitiveness was an aberration.
    • You will be reminded that firefighters deserve your deep and abiding appreciation and respect for their service.
    • First, there's the abiding faith - eternally celebrated by the press - that compromise is always and everywhere a good thing.
    • And while he tried to stage a graceful exit from the presidential race, there remained an abiding sense of wistfulness.
    • Fanning is an instructive case because of his former identification with rock, which remains his abiding passion.
    • But a childhood spent dwelling on the nuances of chess has left its mark and it remains an abiding passion.
    • He had spent a political lifetime trying to instil the habits of democracy in his people - a disdain for dictators, an abiding faith in the constitutional system.
    • The partnership with Barker was forged through mutual respect before blossoming into a deep and abiding friendship in which nary a cross word was spoken.
    • His songs reflect a deep and abiding sense of the sacred eternally renewed in the common.
    • Politics was an abiding passion and he retained a constant devotion to his father's Liberal Party.
    • The abiding memory I will carry forward from 2003 is of the Special Olympics.
    • One view of the Revolution has abiding power in popular memory and public culture.
    • But because a lingering doubt remained, the child's fate is of abiding interest: this is the book's premise.
    • Though his vital signs returned to normal, the abiding fear was that oxygen deprivation had caused permanent kidney or brain damage.
    • One of the legacies of this Papacy was his deep and abiding interest in matters such as the defence of human rights.
    • He had an abiding fear of fundamentalism, not a neurotic fear, but a deep horror of it.
    • That planted the seed of my abiding love of Westerns which is still one of my passions.