Translation of abject in Spanish:


abyecto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæbˌdʒɛkt/ /æbˈdʒɛkt/ /ˈabdʒɛkt/


  • 1

    (slave/flattery) abyecto
    (slave/flattery) vil literary
    • Since they are abject human beings, he implies, he does not have to engage them at that level.
    • This enhances our shock when the abject figure of Winston is finally revealed, stripped of all humanity.
    • Are parallels to the anarchic sensibilities of our own abject artists valid?
    • From a position of optimism generated by a highly impressive presentation, potential winners had suddenly become abject losers, all the long hours of campaigning reduced to nothing.
    • The regime controlled every aspect of life and reduced everyone to the level of abject obedience through terror.
    • It is behaviour of such abject venality as to be almost beneath contempt.
    • That would do a whole lot more for civilised and democratic behaviour than abject capitulation to these self-evident hypocrites.
    • Surely no financial inducement can be worth such abject loss of dignity.
    • Apologies, official, abject, routinely demanded, and formally offered, are considered not just a right but a requirement.
    • Isn't humiliation on your own TV network, followed by an abject apology, enough?
    • My behaviour, when I am conducting perfectly legitimate activity such as registering an insurance claim, is one of abject apology.
    • Fine: then what is called for now is not triumphalism and gloating, but an abject apology.
    • I returned from Siberia to a mountain of furious letters to which I could only write abject apologies.
    • I compose abject apologies in my head and fill out the registration form.
    • On the few occasions I was driven to use such chastisement, it felt like an abject admission of parental failure.
    • The thrust of both books is his failure to protect the national interests of Britain and his abject subservience to the United States.
    • I answered, staggered at this abject rudeness.
    • If so, I would have to address it as men have always done: by persistence, alternating reasoned argument with abject pleas and fawning adulation.
    • Now it was back to the bad old days of abject surrender.
    • However, this is actually an abject admission of failure.
  • 2

    vil literary
    an act of abject cowardice un acto de abyecta cobardía
  • 3

    (condition) lamentable
    in abject poverty en la mayor miseria
    • One never knows why these people are thrown into a society where there is no development and these people are living in horrendous conditions of abject poverty.
    • I remember Mississippi tin shacks - those were abject conditions.
    • Few will dispute that a person in abject condition suffers a profound affront to his sense of dignity and intrinsic worth.
    • He was compelled to comment on the causes of the tragedy and the abject conditions that prevailed on the reservation.
    • On shore, the housing conditions were abject.
    • She saw firsthand the abject conditions of the working people there.
    • Indeed, they were intended to insult and humiliate with reference to such an abject condition.
    • Most live in conditions so abject that there is little to distinguish them from the most wretched chattel slaves of the past.
    • A lot has been written about the abject state of health in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.