Translation of ablaze in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈbleɪz/


  • 1

    to be ablaze with sth
    to be ablaze arder
    • to set sth ablaze prenderle fuego a algo
    • Dozens of town and cities were affected with nearly 9,000 cars set ablaze and more than 3,000 people arrested.
    • Terrorists also set ablaze several residences.
    • The fire crew had been called to the woodland at 9.25 pm following reports of rubbish and debris being piled up and set ablaze.
    • Chessington Library was set ablaze with the result that the main part of the library is unusable due to the roof being unsafe.
    • The church is being renovated after having been set ablaze during the 1999-2002 riots.
    • All the people in the building were rescued and within a very short time the whole place was utterly ablaze.
    • Fires sprang up everywhere, spreading from house to house, until the whole town was ablaze.
    • Mrs Gallagher's son had left the house shortly after 9.30 pm. and when he returned at 10.40 pm the entire building was ablaze.
    • Four shops and three small structures were set ablaze.
    • Three buses were also set ablaze, but no one was hurt.
    • Two of the vehicles were set ablaze in the attack while the third vehicle managed to escape.
    • Almost 3,000 acres of forest were ablaze just south of Emigrant Gap.
    • Well-intentioned U.N. officials had to run from their cars, which were then looted and set ablaze.
    • Lee awoke in the early hours of the morning to find the front of his house ablaze with fierce flames lapping against the bedroom window.
    • Firefighters were called after a plastic bridge was set ablaze - only weeks after an identical attack on a matching bridge.
    • On Friday night 502 vehicles were set ablaze, the highest total for three days, and 206 people were arrested.
    • Several other businesses, including a chemist which was looted and set ablaze, were attacked along nearby streets.
    • Four tonnes of hay and straw were also ablaze inside the barn, which was totally destroyed.
    • Nearly 10,000 cars were set ablaze with arson attacks against schools, police stations, gymnasiums, shops and businesses in poor suburbs across the country.
    • French police made more than 250 arrests after nearly 900 cars were set ablaze and nurseries and a school burned overnight.